About US

Fin Tetra Indonesia was founded out of the admiration on technology possibilities in finding better ways for human beings to understand the greatness and the beauties of the universe and everything inside it as allowed by the Creator for us to enjoy.

Started with some innovative projects developed during the golden age of Indonesian Aerospace between 1984 to 1996, the founders of this company took over an early start up company in 2008 and convert it into a fully professional engineering company capable of providing solutions to practically any need of making this world a better place and much more fun to live.

Our office is located at the following address:

  • PT Fin Tetra Indonesia
  • Jalan Cipedes Baru No: 6
  • RT/RW: 004/007
  • Sukasari/Gegerkalong
  • Bandung 40153, Indonesia
  • Phone : +62-22-2021480
  • Fax:       +62-22-2021481
  • Email:    sales@fintetra.com
  • Website: http://fintetra.com/




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